Twin Pregnancy & Birth

What to expect when you’re expecting twins! From the science behind twinning to symptoms and babies first year, a resource of personal experiences and baby must haves.

scheduled c-section an alternative birth story

Scheduled C-Section: An Alternative Twin Birth Story

I am one of the many twin moms that opted for a scheduled C-Section over trying to deliver naturally. Because my boys are identical twins I was put into the ‘high risk’ category due...
things you may not know about identical twins

8 Things You May Not Know About Identical Twins

We all know they’re super cute, but there may be some things you don’t know about identical twins. As a mom of identical twins I am repeatedly asked many of the same questions, and...

Sleeping Upright During Twin Pregnancy

When I heard the words “today is extra-special because I can see two healthy heartbeats…” the first word that uttered from my mouth was “oh”, quickly followed by “no”. Not because I don’t love...
Twin Pickle