Gluten-Free After Game Snack Ideas

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When you’re catering for the whole team, you’ll come across all kinds of food allergies and preferences. Veganism is on the rise; gluten intolerance is increasingly common. So what are the best snacks to offer for after game refreshments? I’m sharing thoughts on how to put together the perfect after game snack offering, showcasing Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars.

Gluten Free After Game Snack Ideas

The Spring soccer season is in full swing and sometimes I wonder whether Elsie is in it just for the after game snacks! Whatever the outcome of the game, the team is keen to get involved in some refreshments and sweet treats, while parents hope for a little nutrition too.

The team parents rotate who brings our after-game snacks, and last week it was our turn to feed a tired team of soccer tweens. Elsie’s brothers also like to get involved in the snacking, and with their gluten intolerance, I like to keep the whole offering wheat free.

Soccer Game Kids Snacks

5 Considerations for an Awesome After Game Snack Basket

  • Hydration. Whether it’s chilled water or something more exotic, do not forget the drinks! I offered fruit juice… fruit was definitely the theme for my basket!
  • Hunger. My growing girl has some serious hunger after the game! Although fresh fruit is traditional, I find it’s not filling enough on its own. Consider something else to go with to keep them going.
  • Sweet Treat. The after-game snacks are more than practicality. They are a celebration for the win or commiseration following a rough game. Give them something they’ll be excited about!
  • Allergy conscious. With increasing food allergies and preferences, it will be appreciated by all to keep the after game snacks allergy-free.
  • Natural. Many parents will appreciate treats with natural ingredients, rather than artificial sweeteners. It’s always better to be health conscious when catering for groups!
Betty Lou's Fruit Bars

Why Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars make the perfect after game snack:

Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars are now available at Walmart. They are not only gluten-free, they do not contain any of the 8 major food allergens identified by the FDA. They are also vegan so you can feel confident all team members can enjoy!

The Twins found it particularly entertaining that Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars taste like pie, and the novelty of apple pie at the game was enjoyed by all. Who doesn’t want to enjoy dessert when they’re out and about? Although they are a sweet treat, all the sugars come from natural fruit and fruit juice.

Eating gluten free snacks

Keeping Little Brothers Occupied During the Game

Elsie’s little brothers have been so much easier this season! They are 3.5yrs now and this time last year I could not keep them off the pitch. I’d catch up with one of them and the other would head straight for the ball! They still get a little difficult during the game, especially if it gets close to lunch time.

Snack time is a good way to break up the game for them, along with a walk to the drinking fountain to fill up their cups, bathroom break and anything else I can think off to stop them turning rogue, ha! I often don’t get to watch as much of the game as I would like, but a kick about alongside the pitch and ‘helping’ walk the dog does keep everyone happy and off the pitch!

Soccer match kids

I am pleased to report the gluten-free after game snacks went down really well with the team! Sadly, we didn’t win the match but I hope the sweet treats helped pick everyone up. Elsie has been asking for Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars in her lunch box so they definitely made an impression!

Non GMO gluten free snacks

Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars are available at Walmart and Betty Lou’s Inc!

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