How to Make the Most of Family Photos with Fracture

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.This post is sponsored by Fracture but all opinions expressed are my own.

How many photos do you have of your kids? How many of them get beyond your phone? I absolutely love photography, particularly candid shots and my Instagram feed. Today I’m sharing a few tips to make the most of your family photos while showcasing an alternative way to display them at home on printed glass.

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5 Photography Tips To Make the Most of Family Photos

  • Never take just one photo. I have some fabulous shots of the kids but there are hundreds of others either side of the perfectly caught moments that frankly are terrible. I never take one… in the digital era you can get trigger happy and snap away to your heart’s content. Somewhere in the middle there you’ll find the perfect shot with the perfect expression.
  • Edit your photos. Yes, I have fancy editing software because I love all that stuff. But… most of my photos are edited on my phone. You can brighten, sharpen and reduce the yellow cast effect which comes with bad lighting. It makes a huge difference. Play with it, master it and marvel in your handiwork.How to Make the Most of Family Photos with Fracture 03
  • The rule of thirds. This is classic photography trick for aligning your subject within the photo. When you are setting up your shot, mentally divide it into thirds. The lines that slice your proposed photo into thirds (vertically and horizontally) are where you want to place your focal point. When you’re photographing wacky kids it’s not always possible but don’t be afraid to crop.  Look at the photo of George below… his eyes are perfectly placed at the intersection of two lines of thirds. 
    How to Make the Most of Family Photos with Fracture 09
  • If it’s not working, try black and white. Sometimes the colors of your spontaneous photo shoot just don’t work together. I love color photography but sometimes it just doesn’t look right and I’ll always try editing again in black and white. A black and white photo can take a much higher contrast with much heavier shadows so play around with your edit after you turn a photo black and white.
  • Print your photos. Don’t keep them on your phone or stashed in a cloud somewhere never to be seen again. I love to keep albums and print photo books but it takes time and it’s not for everyone. We all, however, have a handful of treasured photos. The newborn photo shoot or your favorite family holiday photos. How do you display them? Traditional framing? I’m showing off a modern alternative… gorgeous contemporary wall decor printed directly onto glass.

Printing Photos on Glass with Fracture

When I went to print some photos for the walls at home I remembered how much I treasure some of my Instagram shots and wondered how they’d hold up printed large scale. If you have a reasonably up to date mobile phone you’ll be surprised at the size and quality of the photos these days. I love my candid family photos, and I’m blown away with how they’ve turned out.

Fracture is making the most of family photos by printing them directly onto glass. With no additional framing or mounting required, this glass decor gives give any home a personalized yet modern touch. You simply upload your photos to the Fracture website, crop as you wish and print to the perfect size. 

How to Make the Most of Family Photos with Fracture 02

I am totally crazy for this black and white Fracture of the Twins playing dress up. It’s one of my favorite Instagram photos of all time and happened to be taken with my DSLR camera so I was keen to go big. This print is the largest square print Fracture offer, at 23″x 23″. The quality is fantastic and the glassy finish is awesome!

A high-quality phone may be able to print this big but you might be pushing it with the pixels. There are plenty of other sizes and although mine are square, Fracture does offer rectangular prints too. I wanted to keep the Instagram candid look of the photos and the square is perfect for that.

My phone photos were printed as medium squares (11″ x 11″). They also look great and the colors and detail came out perfectly. Each photo sums up each kiddo’s personality and I love how the pictures work together.

How to Make the Most of Family Photos with Fracture 05

Last of all, I was aware that Elsie may be a little jealous of the mammoth photo of her brothers, lovingly hanging in the kitchen. So, I ordered her a little glass tile photo of us together for her room. She is very pleased with it although is struggling to keep it out of the Twins’ reach!

How to Make the Most of Family Photos with Fracture 04
Taken with my phone… edited on my phone (this photo and the glass tile!).

Fracture’s Summer Sale

The Fracture sale runs from June 28th – July 17th 2018.

They are offering 15% off with code: CELEBRATESUMMER.

Considering you don’t need to mount and frame, the pricing is excellent and I can not fault the quality of the prints, they really are fabulous.

Check out Fracture’s sizes and prices –> here.

Don’t let those Instagram shots go to waste… print them and make the most of family photos by displaying them at home. You don’t need a professional photo shoot to show off the family on your walls! And if you want my comedic account of how our one and only professional shoot went, check out my post on The Family Photo Shoot from a couple of years ago.

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  1. Haha! My husband and I always say, if it’s not compelling in color, try black and white! Instantly “artistic!”

    • Right?! Sometimes the moment and expression is perfect but there is some hideous multi coloured washing pile in the background… not nearly so offensive in black and white, lol!


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