10 Fantastic Playrooms You Need to See

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As a parent, I get to have all the fun… it’s the perfect excuse to get stuck into all sorts of adorable home design ideas. Last year I published a popular post titled ‘How to Create the Ultimate Playroom‘. It’checklistlist of awesome components to create the perfect play space. Today, I’m sharing some more fantastic playrooms you need to see… because you can never have enough inspiration for magical, whimsical kids spaces, am I right?

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10 Fantastic Playrooms You Need to See

Stacked Book Storage & Polkadots

I recently finished our own playroom reading nook, so I’m all about the book storage ideas right now. This is a very white room, something which could look clinical without these playfully organized book cubes. Its all about the little details, the storage cubes are stacked up just like building blocks. I’m also loving their rectangle of polka dots… you don’t have to do the whole wall to have fun with decals!

Shop the look:
playroom storage cubeCube Storage
black polka dot decalsPolka Dots Decal Set
canvas storage binCanvas Storage Bin
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Colorful Feature Ceiling

This simple gray room has been transformed but this fun striped ceiling and quirky chandelier. Feature ceilings are a growing interior design trend for 2018 and a short while back I posted a whole selection of creative ceiling ideas if you’re looking for inspiration. I’m a big fan of world maps like this one too, kids are so curious about the world and it’s a great opportunity to encourage questions. 

Shop the look:
kids chair woodenTuttovinilos Kids Chair
multi colored rugMulticolor Striped Rug
storage binMulti Colored Storage Bin

DIY Playroom Shop & Cafe

This is one of my favorite fantastic playrooms ever! Such a simple and affordable way to create a magical role play space. I think they have used tape to create their little shop mural… then just add shelves, easy! And those oversized lamps are totally cool, what a fun space!

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sticky droog lampDroog Sticky Lamp
yellow masking tapePrimary Yellow Masking Tape
toy food cratesFood Group Crates
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Creative Art Space

A playroom arts and crafts space may have to be my next project at home. Our kitchen table is constantly covered in crayons, pens, chopped up paper and crafty sprinkles. My daughter is really into comic books and has been busy with her ‘Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book‘ endlessly. We need a comic strip artwork display… I love the wire and clips shown below and one of those cool art paper tables too please! 

Shop the look:
rainbow garlandRainbow Felt Garland
carolina craft tableCarolina Craft Table
distressed chalkboardDistressed Chalkboard

Colorful Flooring and doors

What do we think about this brightly painted floor? I think, next to the bright white walls and the yellow doors, it looks fab! Also, notice the back of the bookcases, the patterned wallpaper is bringing another layer of fun to a simple room!

Shop the look:
red wall lightIndustrial Red Wall Light
manhatten wallpaperGeometric Wallpaper
wooden toy boxWooden Toy Box

Adorable Wallpaper

Is this little girl’s playroom the cutest or what? Adorable wallpaper, the little kitchen, bunting and even the storage trunk… heart melting. My boys love a play kitchen too, always their fave if we go to a new play place.

Shop the look:
harlequin wallpaperHarlqeuin wallpaper
kids retro kitchenKids Retro Kitchen
hanging pom pomsHanging Pom Poms
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Chalkboard Wall  & Teepee

I’ve been meaning to get involved in a chalkboard wall for too long… still yet to happen, but it will! They’ve done a great job in this small space, keeping it simple with feature wall at the end and library shelving. Similarly to the DIY canopy I featured recently, these guys have added lighting to their teepee, it makes all the difference!

 Shop the look:
kids wicker rattan chairNorthlight Kids Novelty Chair
shag ivory pillowRibbon Shag Pillow
kids canvas teepeeCanvas Teepee

Organized with Fish Whimsy

This room looks very practical and organized. Lots of storage, very tidy indeed. But, in case you’re worried your fantastic playroom is looking a like boring, just add a fish… or anything else, as long as its a little bit ridiculous! Gotta love this blue chair too. We have a chair addiction problem, otherwise I’d totally be buying one.

Shop the Look:
kids storage benchKidKraft Storage Bench
blue rattan flower chairMaya Flower Chair
kids fish lightFish Nightlight Lampshade

Hanging Chair

On the subject of chairs… get yourself a hanging one! Maybe buying one more chair wouldn’t be so bad afterall, I don’t have a hanging one yet, haha. You know your kids will have so much fun tucked up in a swing chair and the cute mural in the background is totally sweet too. If you’re looking for mural inspiration, check out my post of simple DIY kids murals.

wicker hanging chairCohanga Hanging Chair
distressed multi colored rugDistressed Multi Color Rug
yellow retro lightYellow Ceiling Pendant

Natural Wonderland

The stacked up baskets, the wooden light shade, the little table and stools, this natural wonderland is gorgeous! I’m usually a fan of more color but this one totally works for me, all natural colors and rustic charm!

Shop the Look:
Beige trellis rugBeige Trellis Rug
kids table and chairsKids Table & Chairs
Rattan storage binsRattan Storage Bins

That’s all the fantastic playrooms I have for today. I hope you’re feeling inspired to bring some magic to your little one’s play spaces. Get involved in some little details or big makeovers!

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18 thoughts on “10 Fantastic Playrooms You Need to See”

  1. These are really beautiful play room options. They look like a dream. I wish we had room when our girls were young for a play room. It would have been so much fun to decorate. Our girls are twelve years a part, I guess that is the opposite of twins. We had a totally different experience as parents, I can only imagine.

    • Twelve years… quite the gap, how fun! The Twins have a big sister, she’s six years older so we do have a bit of a range to cater to but they also like to play together too which is great!

  2. Okay I love the cute lightbulb style lights. Those are awesome! These are great playrooms. Wish I could still do one of these. My babies are teens now. LOL. I really like the first playroom too. We had our basement when the kids were small and it was pretty low key. I wish I’d done something like this back then.

  3. I am in love with all of these play rooms! I love how they all can easily be transitioned as kids grow older! Thank you for the great inspiration!

  4. These are the most adorable ideas! You’re really got an eye for spaces kids would love to spend time in. My son and daughter-in-law have been looking for ideas for my grandson’s room and I forwarded your post along to them. I especially love the chalkboard wall, colorful strings of pom poms, and colorfully painted doors and floors. x

    • Thanks for your kind words 🙂 And great choices for things to highlight because all those things are really easy and affordable to do! A small budget and a bit of imagination is all that is required!

  5. I am so jealous of all of these playrooms. WE have a cute playroom but it doesnt really have a theme and it really needs some organization features. It is on our list of things we want to work on in our home this year. So much inspiration from this post!

    • We’ll be due some reorganisation too sometimes soon because the Twins play will different things than they used to and are really into arts and crafts. At the moment it’s taken over downstairs so I need to get them a coloring station on the go in the playroom!

  6. Everything from the wallpaper to the chairs, the decoration, the lamps, etc are wonderful. I cannot wait to finish the floors in our home and decorate the playroom, I will be gathering some ideas from here. Really great designs, lots of inspiration for the future for sure

  7. Where do I begin? Bookshelves that are ceiling high, chalkboards on walls, places to hang artwork, teepees and hanging chairs. These are all amazing. My kids want every bit of this!!! What great inspiration.

  8. I don’t know which to choose. I love them all. My girls play room is a mess. Every toy should be in a bin but that’s not happening. I think I should cut down on a lot of them and give it some sprucing up. I’m gonna combine some of the designs you featured. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Beautiful, each of them. I especially like the chalkboard one, especially since we are grooming 3 artists at home…probably an easel in the playroom is good too…ahhh I need to organize ours now. lol!


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