How to Create the Ultimate Playroom

If your little ones are lucky enough to have a play room (or a designated space for toys and activities) there are three key design factors you will want to take into account: toy storage, activity spaces, and last but by no means least… the fun factor. After all, if your kids don’t love being in their playroom, they will just bring their toys somewhere else, likely under your feet. Here is my essential guide to create the ultimate playroom…


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There are many little things that come together to create the ultimate playroom. You may not be able to do all of them, but hopefully I can inspire you to give a few of them a go.

10 essential components to create the ultimate playroom:

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1. Fun Wall Decor:


I’m loving the multicolored mural on the left, although it looks quite tricky. If you missed my post on DIY murals that do not require a fine art degree, go check it out. The polka dots on the right look more manageable, and continuing them across the ceiling gives the room a ‘play den’ kind of feel. If you want to snoop more at this lovely Connecticut home, head over to Architectural Digest.

2. Comfy Seating


You can incorporate a sofa into your playroom but kids have the tendency to roll about, do headstands and all kinds of other weird maneuvers. I would recommend loading your playroom up with bean bags, giant floor cushions and any other building blocks for homemade forts… don’t forget the blankets too. If you’re feeling nosy and want to see more of the home on the right visit House of Turquoise.

3. Storage Boxes

source: (Move-Ur-Art)

The boxes on the left have become one of my most pinned images on Pinterest. Unfortunately it’s not me making them, although I may have to give it a go! They were available through a Facebook group called ‘Move Ur Art’ although there doesn’t seem to be much going on there right now. Nearly everyone with children has some kind of box storage unit like the one on the right. We have a larger one and use it as a half partition, and we also have the 3 Sprouts Storage Boxes and love them!

4. Clever Storage


Stacks of endless boxes are not going to create the most dynamic space, despite being practical and organized. So how about you get creative with some bespoke storage for particular toys? I’m mad about this Barbie storage, it’s so much fun, and so easy to do. The Barbies are hanging out in a fabric shoe organizer… genius. The cars are displayed on magnetic knife strips which really is of equal genius!

5. Art Wall


My storage box unit is closed off on one side with a piece of ply. I have been meaning to spray it and turn it into a chalkboard for some time… I even have the spray… just do it already! I also hope to create some kind of frames similar to those on the right. Kids adore having their artwork on display, and these open frames keep things tidy while giving their handy work a sense of importance.

6. In-House Gym


Now here’s where it gets serious, I did say we were aiming to create the ultimate playroom, didn’t I? When I was looking at beds in shared kids’ rooms, we touched on a couple of wacky ideas, but a climbing wall or a rope swing inside the house? Go on… I dare you! The jungle gym playroom on the left is the work of Sao Paulo based Architects Triplex, and the rope swings on the right are from Brooklyn based designers Chango & Co.

7. Activity Table


Back to basics here… somewhere to sit or kneel, build, play and draw. Pinterest is full of ‘Ikea Hacks’ for lego table, using various bargain bits of furniture. We have the Melissa & Doug Activity Table shown on the right because it was the biggest, cheapest table I could find. It works perfectly and is permanently covered in a sea of lego (the lip around the edge stops the lego falling off!). 

8. Forts & Tents

source: (@jan10aa)

To create the ultimate playroom you have to be able to hang out in a fort. You could go all out and build one like the image on the left, or give kids the space and utensils to build their own. We all built forts out of sofa cushions didn’t we? The other current trend is for little tents, they do look adorable and don’t take up too much space. The teepee on the right is from Target.

9. Dress Up Station

source: rogue

I’ve gone all girly on this one, although boys are just as welcome to get dressed up. These two creations are both DIY delights – the first is extremely clearly drawn up and instructed over at the Rogue Engineer. The second is super simple, and there is something satisfying about working with plumbing pipe… or is that just me? Either way, check it out at Lay Baby Lay.

10. Reading Nook


Whatever size your play space, you’ll likely have some books to store. Don’t put them in boxes, get them on the wall or displayed in an easy to reach bookcase. Kids love to help themselves to books, so give them a little coziness to enjoy a good read. The image on the leftThe image on the right is more handy work from Lay Lay Baby, see the full playroom design here.


Are you feeling ready to create the ultimate playroom? Of course if you’ve already done all of the above, you could always incorporate:

  • A slide;
  • A role play shop;
  • A train set that circulates the room;
  • A basketball court;
  • A jumbo jet;

I’m just saying… you can always go one step further 😉 

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*This post contains affiliate links. This means I may get a small commission if you decide to purchase from a store I link to. It does not affect the price of the item.*


    1. TwinPickle

      It really depends how big your space is and how old your kids are. We have one because we have a TV in ours so it acts as a second living room. If your kids are younger, I prefer the floor cushions and bean bags because they are more flexible and fun for clambering on!

  1. I love these ideas!! I don’t have an extra room for a playroom right now but I’m going to re-do my son’s room soon when he moves to a ‘big boy’ bed. I’m totally going to use some of these ideas!

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