Occasionally Bake

I have recently decided to bake more... so much so that I started a new baking blog! I'll still be sharing the occasional family orientated recipe here but for even more recipes, head to occasionallybake.com


My daughter Elsie in the Kitchen:

classic italian bruscetta

Classic Italian Bruschetta with NatureSweet Eclipses

We moved from Europe to the US a few years ago, and one of the things I miss is the food in Italy. Simple, with the best ingredients, you just can't beat it. I...
decadent chocolate fudge cake fi

Decadent Chocolate Fudge Cake: Elsie in the Kitchen

It's the weekend and Elsie's in the mood for chocolate cake. Who am I to deny her an opportunity to work on her baking skills? And I suppose I'll have to help her eat...
chewy chocolate chip cookies

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies: Elsie in the Kitchen

I'm still recovering from the holidays (I hope you are too), so Elsie has taken over for today's blog post. She's making chewy chocolate chip cookies... delicious. Do enjoy her video! https://youtu.be/AUQAr9YtgdU Well done Elsie, they...
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