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Advice based on the personal experience of twin moms. Resources for parents of multiples and those expecting twins. Twin pregnancy to preschooler twins.

do identical twins have the same DNA

Do Identical Twins Have the Same DNA?

Identical twins are broadly described as having the same DNA. They are naturally occurring clones, created from a single fertilized egg which splits to create two copies. In truth, identical twin genetics is more...
pumping in the NICU

Guest Post – A Bumpy Start: Pumping at the NICU

Today is a Twin Pickle first… I’m handing over the blog to someone with far more experience and knowledge on this subject than myself. We were lucky enough to avoid the NICU when I had the...
Tell Twins Apart FI

How to Tell Twins Apart

I have previously mentioned that twin moms are asked a lot of questions. If you want to know the most common ones I’m regular bombarded with, catch up with ‘Questions Twin Moms are Repeatedly Asked...
twins behaving badly

Double Trouble: Twins Behaving Badly

As I previously mentioned in ‘Toys for Twin Toddlers‘, my boys’ first birthday brought with it a sudden surge of squabbling. Unfortunately it hasn’t improved, and we have a major case of twins behaving badly....
toys for twin toddlers

27 Awesome Toys for Twin Toddlers 2019

If you’re looking for the perfect toys for twin toddlers or young siblings, always consider ways to promote a sharing mentality. Twin toddlers don’t always like to share their toys, and it’s a steep...
twin baby names

Baby Names for Twins: You Wouldn’t Want to Disappoint

Baby names for twins… did I miss a trick? I have disappointed many a stranger in the grocery store when they ask me “What are their names?”. For those of you dropping in for...
freaky twin stuff

Telepathic Twins and Other Freaky Twin Stuff

I’m in a Twinsie mood, which means today I’m getting my research hat on, and delivering to you some weird and wonderful tales of freaky twin stuff. Twin Telepathy Some time ago, I posted...
Twins First Year

Twins’ First Year: A New Challenge Every Month

My boys are turning one, hooray! Like all parents at this stage, we will be celebrating their first year, but also our own survival. We made it… high five, cake and champagne all round (don’t worry,...

Open Letter to IKEA From a Twin Mom

Dear IKEA I don’t visit your store very often because it’s too much fun and I spend too much money, despite considering IKEA products good value. Like many Moms, I enjoy a browse of your showroom. I dream of...

48 hrs in Vegas: Twin Stroller Edition

Tagging along with Husband’s work trips has its perks, however it also means I solo parent by day. That leaves me with a six year old and two 10month old babies to entertain for...
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