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holiday clutter hangover cleaning

Recovering from the Inevitable Holiday Clutter

Happy New Year! I, like many, have woken up this morning with a fresh wave of optimism and energy for the year ahead. The Christmas decorations are down, the excitement of the holidays is...
shopping for bulk essentials with multiple kids

Shopping for Bulk Essentials with Multiple Kids in Tow

    How’s your holiday season treating you?! It’s my birthday tomorrow and I try to use it as an excuse to do less, but in reality, the excitement of Christmas and New Year gets...
why do kids develop obsessive interests

Why Do Kids Develop Obsessive Interests?

With Christmas around the corner, I’ve had many family members ask “What are the Kids into these days?”. They grow up fast and when shopping for gifts we all want to please. This question...
three stages of minimalism

Three Stages of Minimalism

It’s been a while since the last update on my minimalist journey, so I thought I’d share what’s been happening in the decluttering department. I’ve come to realize there are three stages of minimalism,...
staying ahead of diaper rash prevention treatment

Staying Ahead of Diaper Rash: Prevention & Treatment

    Staying ahead of diaper rash can be tough. We’re currently dabbling with the idea of potty training, and I won’t be sad to see the diapers go. Most babies will get through...
Printable Christmas Cactus Gift Tags

Printable Christmas Cactus Gift Tags & Block Print Craft

‘Tis the season to get crafty, fa la la la… Okay, it’s November but everyone else seems to think it’s the week before Christmas so I thought I’d get involved. I have not yet...
Finding Time for your Older Child Image

Finding Time for Your Older Child

My daughter has had quite the shock to the system. Not only did she have six years to get used to being an only child, when she did finally get a sibling, she got...
Hungry Howie's Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Share Love Hope & Pizza for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

      Last year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month we were taking part in a fundraiser at Elsie’s dance class when she said: “But Mom, I thought only chickens have breasts?” Oh dear… the biology...
three kids out of the house on time

How to Get Three Kids out of the House on Time

I’ve been away… hooray! I actually spent an entire weekend on my own for a friends wedding… three nights to be exact. It’s a rather strange sensation when you’re normally the center of a...
postpartum anxiety after twins

Postpartum Anxiety after Twins

I had never heard of postpartum anxiety until a friend of mine told me she was going to a counseling group after her second child. “Is that the same as postpartum depression?” I asked;...
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