Santa’s naughty nice list 2016 has been a hot topic of conversation at home this week. The air is filled with excitement over the possibility of presents, with a hint of panic that maybe, just maybe she hasn’t quite made it. Following ‘Banned Google Interview Questions: Smashed by a Six Year Old‘, I thought I’d see what Elsie thought about people of power; and whether Santa had them on his naughty or nice list. 

santa's naughty nice list 2016

In reflecting on the year, I had a look through the Forbes’ list of ‘The World’s Most Powerful People‘ and Time’s ‘100 Most Influential People.’ I picked a selection from these lists that I believed Elsie, my six year old daughter, may know. So, who made the cut?

Who’s on Santa’s Naughty Nice List 2016? Interview with a Six Year Old

It was explained to Elsie that she would be given some names (no pictures) of famous people, and decide which side of Santa’s Naughty Nice List 2016 she thought they were on…

Barack Obama


“Nice list. Because he’s been a really nice president and it’s made all of America a nice place to live.”

Donald Trump


“Nice list. Because he’s the president now and he won. And he deserves a present from Santa for winning.”

“What kind of present do you think he’s like?”

“I think he’d like a bow tie. A red one or black one – those are ones that famous people wear, at like tea parties and stuff.”

Hilary Clinton


“Umm… I don’t know. I have no idea.”

“Why wouldn’t she be on the nice list?”

“She might be on the nice list… if she is she might like some new clothes from Santa. If she is on the naughty list she will get coal.”

Kim Jong Un


“I have no idea what that guy is.”

“Where do you think he’s from?”


“What do you think Kim Jong Un might like for Christmas?”

“A beret. Because he’s French, and French painters normally wear berets.”

Leonardo Di…

Photo by Victoria Will. Source:

“Wait. I know…
Leonardo da Vinci! Are we talking about that guy?”

“Well… do you think Leonardo da Vinci would be on the naughty or the nice list?”

“Nice list. Because I know he’s a painter from Art class. And I think he would really want a new paintbrush or maybe a beret.”

“To match Kim Jong Un?”


“So they could hang out together?”


“But is he still alive?”

“Well… no. So maybe not.”

“I’m glad you know all about Leonardo da Vinci, but I was actually going to ask about Leonardo DiCaprio. Do you know who that is?”

“Er… no.”

Usain Bolt


“I do not know that guy.”

“Have you ever seen someone running, and they go like ‘that’ at the end (Mom does the Lightning Bolt).”

“Well… Deacon just goes like that over his eyes like ‘this’. But instead he just does it when he sneezes.”

“I think he might have got that from Usain Bolt.”

“What is a Usain Bolt?”

**Wikipedia Interlude**

“That’s Usain Bolt??”

“He’s a super fast sprinter. He’s the fastest human of all time and the first man to break both the 100m and 200m World Records at the same time. So do you think he’s on the nice list or naughty list?”

“Nice list. Because he’s a super fast runner and I think he’d really like some new shoes coz sometimes he might even go into the mud.”

“No-one likes muddy shoes.”


Lady Gaga

Photo by Steve Granitz. Source:

“Oh yeah… I like that girl! I know some of her songs but I think she’s going to be on the nice list because she’s my favorite singer. And I think everyone likes her.”

“What do you think she might like for Christmas?”

“She might like some new sparkly shoes in silver. Or a new microphone?”

Mark Zuckerburg


“I don’t know who he is.”

“Mark Zuckerburg is the person that started Facebook. Do you know what Facebook is?”


“You know… It looks like this (scroll through Facebook feed). When I take a picture I can put it on Facebook and show all my friends and family.”

“OK… How did he make it?”

“On his computer. He’s super clever.”

“So… it’s like he made his own website? Like you did?”

“Yeah, kind of. But a lot more people go on his website than mine. There are 1.79 billion Facebook users.”

“And you’re one of them?”

“I’m one of them, yes.”

“I might want to be one of them soon.”

“I think you might have to be 16.
So do you think Mark is on the naughty or the nice list?”

“I just don’t know.”

Summing up Santa’s naughty nice list 2016:

“Well, we have a lot of people on the nice list. Can we think of anyone that might be on the naughty list?”

“I know… someone from Kindergarten. Sammy doesn’t believe in Santa so he may just definitely be on the naughty list this year.”

“So what do you reckon Sammy’s gonna get?”

“Um… maybe coal? Or an orange or a tangerine?” 

“Aren’t tangerine’s good?”

(Shoulder shrug and all round unimpressed look at tangerines).

“I might be going on the naughty list.”

“Why might you be going on the naughty list?”

“Because you said I keep being rude, a lot.”

“Oh dear. Do you think you’ve made up for it?”


“You think you’ve done enough?”


“And what would you like if Santa puts you on the nice list?”

“A giant silver Shopkins kit. Because I love those. I think that big giant present under the tree might be it though, so I might have to ask for a pink Brightling… I don’t know.

“What about your brothers?”

“Oh I know!
George is definitely going on the naughty list coz of all his screaming.”

“What about Arthur?”

“Arthur’s going on the good list because he doesn’t scream that much, and goes like ‘eh’ a lot. And it really makes people happy.”

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Poor George. Already on the naughty list Age 1. Let’s hope he can redeem himself in the next seven days.
What side of Santa’s naughty nice list 2016 would you put these ‘people of power’?




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