Accent Wall Ideas: Naptime Makeover

There are limitless accent wall ideas that can bring contrast, texture and detail into your home design. An accent wall allows a room to look highly styled with little impact on the rest of the house; no need to move out, or cover your entire home with dust sheets. Despite being localized, the transformation to the feel of your home can be quite spectacular. Let’s take a look at some inspiring accent wall ideas…

accent wall ideas

Accent Wall Ideas I Love:

1 – Wallpaper

Wallpaper (and image) sourced from

We’re not talking grandma’s lavender flower print, there are some pretty bold and impressive wallpaper options on the market now. I love this print from Brooklyn based Calico Wallpaper, it feels decadent and daring while totally of the moment. Shades of gold and brass are going to be all over 2017, count me on board.

2 – Planks

Photo taken by Julia Robbs. Sourced at

Unless you have never watched HGTV, you are very familiar with the current craze for shiplap and reclaimed pallet walls. Behind, the headboard, in the bathroom, around the fireplace… it seems to work everywhere. Go painted shiplap for the farmhouse feel or exposed weathered boards for the rustic upcyled look.

3 – Painted

Image sourced from

I love pretty much everything above this space in the Danish home of Interior Stylist Cille Grut. There’s just the right amount of color, texture and detail… and I must find myself those tan leather chairs. Dark contrasting shades of blue, grey and black have been a staple for the accent wall for some time, and don’t look like they’re leaving us anytime soon.

4 – Decal Mural

Mural (and image) sourced from

Unless you have a skilled artist handy, you probably want to install your mural in the form of a vinyl stickers. Wall decals are big business now, from adorable nursery designs to serious stuff for grown ups, like this watercolor mural from Pixers.

5 – Exposed Concrete, Brick or Stone

Image sourced from

I am not promoting the installation of faux brick walls, however much it’s scraping for a come back from the 70s. However, if you are blessed with concrete, brick or stone construction, have some fun and expose some of it. 

6 – Tile

Photo taken by Derek Swalwell. Sourced from

The Wolseley Residence in Melbourne, designed by Mckimm, is a family home of exposed concrete, glass and all things modern. This chevron tiled accent wall works perfectly with the rest of the home. For more photos check out Design Milk.

7 – Stenciled

Sourced at

If you’re a bit more Arts & Crafts than polished concrete, stenciling may be for you. I recommend hiring a professional, but if you’re brave enough, just get stuck in. For before and after pictures and full instructions, visit this project at Home DZine.

8 – Living Wall

Image sourced at

Oh go on… impress all your friends with a fantastic vertical garden in your living space. I would love to do this but don’t have the best history with house plants, and I’m pretty sure it’s outside the realm of naptime. I said I’d give you accent wall ideas, I did’t promise they were all going to be easy.

Accent Wall Ideas: Continuing Naptime Makeovers

Following the success of How to Arrange Pictures Creatively, I got a little more ambitious this week. I confess, it took a little longer than one naptime. We (I called in husband help to hold the ladder) started at morning nap and finished during afternoon nap. It’s a tall large wall…excuses excuses.

Why is my new lamp wonky?
accent wall
Excuse the animals… they are sleeping, not taxidermy.

That’s it for this week. I think I need a nap…

What do you think? Too bold? Not bold enough? Totally disappointed I didn’t go for a whole wall of ferns? I’d love to hear from you!



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  1. Love the planks, so much character. And impressed with your nap time makeover too – beautiful colour, and just goes to show how much you can do if you put your mind to it. Thanks or sharing with #PoCoLo and for linking with us this year, it’s been lovely to get to know your blog – have a very happy Christmas xx

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